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I love technology and I do not believe its limited to computers only.

Now I have attempted to introduce my team to Community Server, a wonderful piece of community software. I do not yet know if they are interested. Are they just silent observers ? Has the trend to participate and share knowledge died ?

There are many questions I somehow don’t have answers for. But there are some souls who do know the value of sharing and somehow maybe cause things like blogging have already been a part of them or cause they know its a chance to start in these so called communities. There are also others who want to test the waters.

I believe both are good but what isn’t good for a group is the silent observers. Its said that wise men observe but is it cause these people are wiser or are they just lazy that they stay silent ?Sometimes I begin to feel my efforts are futile but then again I have never given up cause I believe over and over again, quitters never win.

I know tomorrow is a good day and I’ll find my peace.
All I can do now is hope. I believe they will see participation is not an effort. Participation is a habit. Its not time consuming, its a way of living.

Its got to come within but for it to come from within you should try to let it.
I know I’ll have my peace.
I know there will be a better day. :)