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Santa Visit

Eli had his first photo with Santa at Redmond Town Center today. We picked
up his vest and his plaid shirt from Janie and Jack. During the wait in the
queue he managed get both of us exhausted with his usual screaming and
running around and also managed to slip through the rails multiple times.
Fortunately Santa managed to catch his attention and he also got a little


Spirit and Eli

Aditi Sharma

Day 2 without Sajay! Yesterday was ok, I survived, sanity intact :) Of course we had incidents like the puppy and Eli fighting over the same toys, puppy knocking Eli down (Eli walks like a drunken sailor anyway), puppy being too exuberant with his love for Eli so I had to rescue Eli from his licking and nipping, and the funniest one was finding Eli walking around the house chewing on the dogs bone! :D


Hmm.. why does my little guy mess with my avatar like this?


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