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Microsoft Usability Study Running 3/31- 4/3 (Redmond, WA)

Microsoft’s User Research Group is conducting a study for Developers / Systems Administrators who have experience with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) or Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). This is a great opportunity for you to provide feedback and help us design a better product. It is important for you to know that you do not need to prepare anything for this. We want to learn from you, the experts, to determine what needs to be improved in our software.

We value your time and feedback! Scheduled participants will receive their choice of a retail Microsoft product valued up to $799 from a select list of our most popular hardware and software, including: Visual Studio Professional 2008, Project Standard 2007, Vista Ultimate Edition, Windows Home Server, Xbox 360 Games and more.

We are looking for:
1. Individuals who have Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) or Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) experience
2. Have IIS (Internet Information Services Manager) OR PowerShell experience
3. Are available for a 2 hour study session during the week of March 31, 2009
4. Can make it to Microsoft’s main campus in Redmond, Washington

If you are interested in participating, please email your name and phone number to itusable@microsoft.com with “IIS” in the subject line.

Win7 M3 – Sorry No Superbar

For some reason I never wanted to keep my system stable and went ahead and installed Win7. What’s the fun if you don’t get those crazy errors. One sad thing was the build that was given out didn’t have the superbar. (Ahem, don’t know what the name is compensating for) but then again I thought I just wanted to show an upgrade to my most favorite app on Windows. None other than our very own paint. Ironically someone was making fun last time saying that I had MS Paint on my desktop. Well this time its got a reason to be in front.


Xbox and Vista Connectivity

After quite a long blog on managed semaphores this would be quite a refresher. :)

When trying to connect your XBOX 360 to your vista with Media center things can get pretty interesting. There are quite a few posts that would tell you trouble shooting issues. This is pertaining to IPSEC and a Vista machine that belongs to a domain with pretty stringent IPSEC group policy and you bring your laptop home but your xbox just cant connect to the vista machine. For direct connectivity refer http://support.microsoft.com/kb/932161 and other posts on support.microsoft.com.

If you get this message in your Security Audit log like “dropped packet in clear text” where the IP is that of your xbox then you could check these steps:

1. Check if your Xbox connects to Xbox live without any issues.
2. Check if your machine also connects to the internet without any problems over the same .
3: Open advanced firewall settings and navigate to Monitoring->Connection security rules and check if your home lan net is exempted from the IPSec rule policy. usually the range is Endpoint 2 IP address:
4. Finally check if your xbox and your system lies in these ranges for the policy to permit.In my case i had to change my router address to these ranges..

There were many posts the suggested turning of IPSEC but this seems to be a better way IMHO :)

MGSI Recruiting

Do you get a kick out of enabling customers?

Do you want enable organizations around the world to do better business using Technology?

Are you passionate about Technology?

Are you passionate about Microsoft?

If you answered yes to all this then I think you might be looking for a career at MGSI.

Drop in a note on my contact page.

Patterns and practices Goes Mobile!

The Microsoft patterns & practices team has released the first Community Technical Preview (CTP) for the Mobile Client Software Factory.  The factory will help architects and developers design and build mobile LOB solutions.   The Mobile Client Software Factory will include a prescriptive architecture, application blocks, and other guidance/tools for enterprise architects and developers targeting Windows Mobile powered devices. 

MGSI Centurion

Yesterday we celebrated the 100th recruit. Its a nice feeling to be in the Campus here at Hyderabad and hear quite an inspiring speech by Sanjay Mirchandani.

To celebrate this, we got these personalized mugs which are quite cool. Hoping to see this organization grow.