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System Auto

Ok this is not something I envisioned i would be posting the the first day after moving to my new home. The incident is rather an eye opener than a resentful one. I guess everyone know how auto functions across the country. The guy asks 10rs over the meter, one and a half meter, just a flat rate or anything that close to the price of a T-shirt and a lot of other price hiking techniques.
Ah so we think we know. Well I have to say hyderabad worked a little differently for me. I guess I have to let the system carry us on rather than having a preconcieved notion of the system even withing the same country. I was at the stands and I rarely agree to give above the normal meter charge and so one after another guy started refusing to take me. Well I was hoping I would find someone travellign that side and then I came to the fully filled auto stand and in all sprits started patrolling to find that one guy who would go to Cyber Towers.
Ha! I found him. I sit inside and he waits and waits. I got a little worried and asked him whts the waiting for. Then i see him shouting Hi Tech City, Hi Tech City .. I realized it was more of a share taxi rather than the regular auto.
Basically I would take us minumum fare of 10 bucks. but this took me like 3 rupees. More like the bus service but then again on 3 wheels.
So that how the System(auto) works here.

I dont know if thats good or bad but just found it funny. I guess its not funny to people who already know hyderabad. But this is my space and I find it a bit hilarious after all the auto bargaining I have done.