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Eli’s first walk in the snow

Eli finally got to walk in the snow. He was a little apprehensive about picking up the snow but he managed to walk around and I made a few and threw them for him. I didn’t mind that he was already having a cold since we felt it would unfair on the little guy who just wanted to run outside when he saw the snow. He didn’t even know what it was and his smiles made our day.


Santa Visit

Eli had his first photo with Santa at Redmond Town Center today. We picked
up his vest and his plaid shirt from Janie and Jack. During the wait in the
queue he managed get both of us exhausted with his usual screaming and
running around and also managed to slip through the rails multiple times.
Fortunately Santa managed to catch his attention and he also got a little


Eli’s first BMW


Unfortunately I had only my phone with me when we picked up this car but managed to get a cute blurry cam shot. He really didn’t want to get off the car and I remember he cried all the way home saying "sit" because we asked him in the store if he would like to sit on the car.

So from that time on the car has been referred to as "sit".