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Quotes from dad about Ammachi. 
Tomorrow is my mother’s 18th death anniversary Mom passed away 19 years after my father died, at the age of 64 (my father was 54 when he died). Her hospitalization and death has been one of the most stressful times in my life. Her death was an event that had lasting repercussions on the family in many ways.My Ammachi was the only bonding among her children. It pains me to know that my children and grand children don’t have her in their lives. They’re unaware of what they’re missing. I grieve for the future we’ll never have together. Words cannot express how much she means to me. She taught me so much by her witness of unconditional love, and her beautiful example of enduring strength in suffering. Her faith in God was unshakeable, and her sense of hope undiminishing. Today, more than ever, I miss my sister and brothers.”