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Project Team – TKM

Well this team is worth a mention cause I believe its the first bit of team work i ever got to do in my life.

Everyone brags about team work. I wonder how many among us actually enjoyed this.
I still remember Sanjay’s mom making coffee for all of us. Work was hard, solutions were almost impossible to come by and time was short. We played our cards right and somehow scraped through in time.

The irony of the whole project was when we were presenting it. Our teacher said his project was a pattern recognition one and that kinda threw me off balance. Boy we thought we would play off on ignorance but the funny part is our facts were ok and we didnt get nailed like we expected.

I realized its not what project you do but how you execute it and well I’m happy with the way it went.

(pic is still in my desktop at home. Will be updating it tonight mostly :)