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White Tiger -

This was again something we should have done long time back. I guess it was my laziness combined with utter ignorance of a place like this so close to our home in Bangalore. Dad was even more reluctant for some apparent reason. Anyway Mom and Aditi made us silly men realize what an amazing place Bannerghatta National Park actually is.


This one actually came and stood on a kind of pedestal close to the bus we were all in. Really amazing and beautiful creature.


On the way we go through a bear/lion/tiger reserve and finally come back to the zoo. We got to see a baby hippo at the zoo, which was quite interesting. This shot was when the care taker dumped a whole bunch of leaves right onto the little one.


Sahib Sindh Sultan

We were thinking of hitting some conventional restaurant,like TGIF for dinner. But we soon realized that Mom would find it quite hard to get something she could enjoy at a place like that and so wanted to try something a bit more Indian. So during the day we were at Forum Mall and spotted a pretty exclusive looking entrance to a restaurant and were curious. Aditi told me that this was a part of BJN group so we decided to try it out. We were a bit worried but anything thought of giving it a try. Fortunately we weren’t disappointed at all.

The place had an amazing ambience and the food was just excellent. We tried the lamb Raan which I think is a must try for any non-vegetarian. The place is done pretty much like an old train station with all the sign boards and even the rail sleepers. Check here for more reviews.


The Pub World

This is one place which you will not hear about. Its BANG on Residency Road in the heart of Bangalore. Surprisingly this reference came from Dad so we thought we might as well check it out as we were walking towards Brigade Road for our usual shopping sessions.


The chilly lamb was a killer and the place had a really unique maze like setup. Not cheap but neither is it expensive and just about sits right in between and surely worth the money you spend. Would definitely recommend it.


Patel’s Inn

I liked this place. Aditi had introduced this place to me as somewhere we could all get a good dip. Well this place turned out to be more than just that. The funny thing is I love the place. We have had so many moments there. Rajiv also just loves the place. Sometimes I wonder if there are any more places like this is in this crowded city where people spend more time complaining about traffic than actually working.

I would miss this place a lot. I wonder if I will find another place like this. I dont have any pictures. Maybe i’ll take a few tomorrow before I leave since I know I dont have any pics. I just want to hold a few memories like this close to me. Aditi also loves this place. We’ve had a few drinks here and we enjoy sitting outside and the climate makes it even better.

Tonight I wanted to enjoy the place and well went out with my parents. They liked the place and it was cold. I wonder if I would sit in that chair again thinking where I would next. i wonder if I would find something close to this place.

Anyway I guess we all have to move on. We all believe what what we choose is a step closer to our dreams. I know I have dreamt of this. I just hope its closer to the picture I have in mind.

Learning to See


Walking down the lake I took this picture.

I realized that life was so different and wondered whether every moment can be so unique cause I had never seen that building from this point. She told me how it never marred the skyline. I didn’t know how a simple functional structure like that had so much essence in terms of function and life in itself.

It serves without serving and lives without living. You live only when everything is significant otherwise you stop seeing the beauty that is around.
I guess I have had a few friends from architecture and I have noticed how they admire the things that would miss any common man. They have a keen sense of observation not because they are taught but because they believe they are a part of it and if they were responsible for that particular structure how would they have made it.
Everything is theirs and everything is mediocre. The ones that are outdone are rare. The ones the please don’t exist or if they do then they would be worshipped.

I believe she would angry if I considered any structure as unimportant. I’m beginning to see that to ignore and be UN opinionated is analogues to turning blind to life. You see but you don’t look. You have sight to envision but you kill the meaning.

There are many things I learned and to see is something i’m still only learning.