Back to the iPhone

The windows phone ride was actually pretty pleasant. I love the OS but I somehow ended up back to the iPhone. AT&T has actually been quite a good to me as a customer. I just wish Samsung would have had a better warranty. Anyway I think that the lumia should set things straight but for now I’m kinda back to the iPhone.


Spirit after his cataract surgery. He also managed to get out of his e-collar which caused him to bleed a bit and resulted in a trip to the ER. All’s well that ends well.


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Santa Visit

Eli had his first photo with Santa at Redmond Town Center today. We picked
up his vest and his plaid shirt from Janie and Jack. During the wait in the
queue he managed get both of us exhausted with his usual screaming and
running around and also managed to slip through the rails multiple times.
Fortunately Santa managed to catch his attention and he also got a little


Steppe Cellars, 2008 Riesling


This was recommended by the salesman at the Market Place drive liquor store as better than the Chateau St. Michelle. This store is so much better than the Redmond Liquor store. The guy there said that he keeps hearing that since they take a lot of effort in picking their stuff. We also noticed the scotch and the single malt section had a lot of good variety. I think we have finally found a place to pick up our stuff from.