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The Midnight Starbucks


This has become one of my favorite coffee shops, courtesy Sam and Jawad. The one thing is that its open pretty late and also opens really early at about 4:30 or so. Today morning I had this sudden excitement to take some shots of Kirkland. I headed out to the lake at about 4  and when I got tired of waiting for the lights, I took a break and thought of stopping by here.

The Photographer


The Photographer, originally uploaded by Sajay & Aditi.

I had been using this for a while now. Last week Bipin, who I have begun to play badminton with, asked me to post something about it. With that in mind I decided to put up something regarding my Nikon D90 with its 18-200mm nikkor. It’s injustice to own this but then again I can tell you its one hell of a camera and I’m yet to figure out if I’ll ever squeeze the full potential out of this.

I am not going to write a lengthy review about this cause I am no authority on this subject and will leave it others like Peter Lik . The bottom line is I’m happy I got this beauty.

And well another good thing today was that Aditi finally got her Visa after about a 6 month wait for her passport.

Update: I just dug up this old post about my first digi.

DSC-T5 Cybershot

I was really happy i picked up this little 5.1 MP sony. I love the feature where i can connect it to the TV and view my pictures. The set of cables is quite a good add on. The only problem I have is with the memory stick format of sony but besides that its awesome buy.


Crystal was fortunately spleeping and as usual managed to look cute for the camera