Interop Migration and crippling Pain of the Many blogs I had!

It was time and I decided to finally move, migrate and aggregate and also shoot myself in the foot. Any integration consultant knows that its one of the most painful and probably the most irritating jobs to do. But then again you are always so disconnected and have to update so many different systems. My case it was, and In short this was a mammoth task to get all my old stuff under one big umbrella which lead to the birth of this silly site. Now there is a technical aspect and an emotional aspect to this and this being my blog gives me the freedom to touch upon both finally.

Emotionally it was tiring and satisfying at the same time. The underlying engine was much more faster and it being just for blogging was pretty easy to understand. I used primarily cause I don’t understand much besides .net and due to some loyalty reasons which might not even be justified. Then again it was really simple to setup. Then again setting up is the first and only the first of the hurdles. The main problems were in setting it up right with the permissions so that the damn thing looks good and also works fine. I learned a few new tools and wrote a few also during this process. The end result of 24 hours of straight coding back breaking undisturbed hours with almost no food was honestly worth it cause after getting all the stuff I had been writing and putting them under one roof felt really good. I am happy that the old posts were where I left them and didn’t take them down.

Finally as I decide its time to get back to work, I had one question. WFT were those people thinking when developed those systems. Don’t they want it to work with any other system out there.. If they don’t then idiots like me will have to rip it all apart and put a new system which won’t be any different from what there is already. Freedom can be quite irritating at time especially when its someone else’s (ouch! kidding) I’ll get to the tooling and tricks I used to get this done. Its  not pretty and I didn’t intend it to be cause if more people suffer then something might be done.

Anyway the word ->

Its WORTH it.