Technology ain’t Kid proof

I was having a chat with a collegue and was wondering why such a senior person like him was carrying a 1100. Well then again I thought its cause he didn’t bother about petty things like a phone. But then again when the world is so connected and you always want large extents of data and easy communication and integrated devices why this phone.

Somehow I knew I was missing the point. Anyway I was tapping off on my pocket pc and this guy tells me that this is the only thing that would survive with him. I was curious as to what he meant by that. Then he told me he’s got a 2 year old kid whose obsessed with cell phones and he likes throwing them around. Hmm I have seen kids facinated with phones but then again thats an avoidable situation and I dont think I would change my so called fancy peace of equipment cause I couldnt keep it away from my kid. Then came the day I was able to meet this kid of his……………Well I’m sorry to say, I was totally wrong. His child was eyeying my little i-mate like a cat waiting to pounce on a mouse. I was really sweet as to how amazed he was seeing this thing that I was carrying wrapped in an aluminum case.

Thats when I realized there is no way that this thing would escape him. I realized that you can make your phone bulletproof but not kid proof. How happy would he have been if he could get his hands on it and … rest I leave to his imagination.

BTW .. he’s a really cute kid and I was tempted to actually hand it to him to just watch him smile.