P# in C#

Prolog being a quite declarative langauge can baffle sometimes. The ease of using declarative logic of truths facts and rules is a fundamental concept that might push you away from tradition thiing procedures..
Anyway is short you can do a lot with langauges like prolog and being able to intergrate them with .NET is one of the coolest things. especially with projects like P# .
I did go about creating a simple file if you want to get started on this you can refer this simple kick start guide to P# in C#
Im not sure if i miss judged something but wasnt able to find many resources or files using the P# assembly.. but hope to do something myself and so just put up this document so that people can get started of.. 
( Note :: i hope i can come across other tools like visual prolog but right now stuck with SWI prolog.. amzi is also a good tool