Learning to See


Walking down the lake I took this picture.

I realized that life was so different and wondered whether every moment can be so unique cause I had never seen that building from this point. She told me how it never marred the skyline. I didn’t know how a simple functional structure like that had so much essence in terms of function and life in itself.

It serves without serving and lives without living. You live only when everything is significant otherwise you stop seeing the beauty that is around.
I guess I have had a few friends from architecture and I have noticed how they admire the things that would miss any common man. They have a keen sense of observation not because they are taught but because they believe they are a part of it and if they were responsible for that particular structure how would they have made it.
Everything is theirs and everything is mediocre. The ones that are outdone are rare. The ones the please don’t exist or if they do then they would be worshipped.

I believe she would angry if I considered any structure as unimportant. I’m beginning to see that to ignore and be UN opinionated is analogues to turning blind to life. You see but you don’t look. You have sight to envision but you kill the meaning.

There are many things I learned and to see is something i’m still only learning.