The Photographer


The Photographer, originally uploaded by Sajay & Aditi.

I had been using this for a while now. Last week Bipin, who I have begun to play badminton with, asked me to post something about it. With that in mind I decided to put up something regarding my Nikon D90 with its 18-200mm nikkor. It’s injustice to own this but then again I can tell you its one hell of a camera and I’m yet to figure out if I’ll ever squeeze the full potential out of this.

I am not going to write a lengthy review about this cause I am no authority on this subject and will leave it others like Peter Lik . The bottom line is I’m happy I got this beauty.

And well another good thing today was that Aditi finally got her Visa after about a 6 month wait for her passport.

Update: I just dug up this old post about my first digi.