Seattle Symphony – Tchaikovsky’s Winter Dreams

I have never understood why I loved music of this form. I’ve listened to this since I was like 14 but could never understand why a conductor waved the way he/she did. I did find out cause there was a “Talk” with the Maestro after the concert. I know its a new discovery and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. Sitting in the first row helps you ever hear the every press the oboist makes.  I didn’t really know what to expect. The Benaroya Hall where we went to see the “Winter Dreams” was to say much more than perfect. It was snowing that day and I think it was the first day of snow in Seattle. First thing that surprised me was the Maestro – Carolyn Kuan as I had never seen a female conductor before and there was to top it, Oboe by Ben Hausmann.

I’m hoping to go for Handel’s Messiah on 18th. Lets see how that works out. I don’t understand why these don’t get the hype that other forms of music however odd, end up getting. The fact still puzzle’s me and I’m pretty sure that some guys thought I was nuts when I was in school and picked up 2 tapes of Mozart. It was hard to get this kind of stuff where I grew up and the lovely thing is that you can be as ignorant about the details and the history behind it but yet enjoy it simply.