Hiding UpdatePanel during UpdateProgress

This was a very simple requirement to hide the currently updating controls. I first ran to the the forums and came across this. The trick was quite simple. When we depend control inside the updatePanel this technique fails. The idea is to wrap the update panel inside say another container like a div and set the control ID to that. The below script triggers the hiding of the control and kicks off the UpdateProgress.

    <script type=”text/xml-script”>

        <page xmlns:script=“http://schemas.microsoft.com/xml-script/2005″>


                <control id=GridContent visibilityMode=“Collapse”>


                        <binding dataContext=“_PageRequestManager” dataPath=“inPostBack” property=“visible” transform=“Invert” />






[Atlas] rules :)

For those of you guys who arent convinced yet, I have attached a hello world version to this.