The Interview

I’ve been wating to post about this for a long time but I guess I waited enough.
Ok first things first. I’ll be joining Microsoft mostly by Jan 16th.

I dont know if a blog entry or an article by itself will do justice to their interview system. But just for the record I wanted to put down the fact that, it was truely the toughest interview I had ever been to. In short it had about 7 rounds and 5 technical. There is no degree in which I can explain or narrate the process cause it was all so much in detail and totally brought out a person in me that I finally was happy about. Initially it totally burst my bubble as to who and what I was, but by the end of it I felt like I was on top of the world.

I was thinking over and over again and Aditi constantly kept assuring me. Well there were points when you feel all is lost. She gave me the shoulder I was looking for and My Dad and Mom obviously stood all the way and at the end I realized that the people around me were more happier than I was.

I didnt know what I was scared about cause my mind was in a state of transition. I realized my dream had materialized and I was at the crossroads of my life. Only after thinking to myself and double questioning “What else ?” did i get the answer. “Its only the begining.”

Hoping for a new begining but I always wonder whether the cost I pay is worth it. Is what I leave better than what I will have or become ? This is a constant fear that roams in my head and haunts me.

Is the tomorrow I choose better than the tomorrow I have.
Are the dreams that materialize the dreams that will make me happy.
Is my current better than the future I would not permit myself to have.
There is only one thing I realize. I would learn and thats the only way I shall know.

Hope for a better future and let my past be my soul.