Patel’s Inn

I liked this place. Aditi had introduced this place to me as somewhere we could all get a good dip. Well this place turned out to be more than just that. The funny thing is I love the place. We have had so many moments there. Rajiv also just loves the place. Sometimes I wonder if there are any more places like this is in this crowded city where people spend more time complaining about traffic than actually working.

I would miss this place a lot. I wonder if I will find another place like this. I dont have any pictures. Maybe i’ll take a few tomorrow before I leave since I know I dont have any pics. I just want to hold a few memories like this close to me. Aditi also loves this place. We’ve had a few drinks here and we enjoy sitting outside and the climate makes it even better.

Tonight I wanted to enjoy the place and well went out with my parents. They liked the place and it was cold. I wonder if I would sit in that chair again thinking where I would next. i wonder if I would find something close to this place.

Anyway I guess we all have to move on. We all believe what what we choose is a step closer to our dreams. I know I have dreamt of this. I just hope its closer to the picture I have in mind.