Crossing Over


Crossing Over, originally uploaded by Sajay & Aditi.

A bridge, sign of hope people say. On the other hand there are some that you never want to cross because there is no turning back. I have often wondered about the value that we live by. Is it a conditioned sense of obligation or a façade filled with lies? The world is cruel and it makes you cruel as well and people most often want to believe they aren’t. At least that seems like a comforting fact, but still hypocritical in nature don’t you think. This makes even that little comfort vain. You feel as if there is no surface to reflect upon and you look up into the blackness and feel the endless void in life. The fact that a simple thing like a bridge can spark so much sorrow leaves us to question, how many things in life actually make you happy.
It’s not a sad day but I wanted to take a moment to write this down. As I want to remember “You never see what is in front and you never see what you leave behind!”. I wonder what truth is it that I look for and yearn for; I wonder if it is ever worth the fight.