Web Hosted Sample with UserNamePassword Supporting Token

In the Passing a UserName as a supporting token post was pretty much a single console app to demo the basic flow. This sample is a bit more richer and shows a web hosted service that requires the usernameSecurity token.

To configure it please create a app vdir in IIS and point the client on that location. Sorry about not including the setup script for the sample.

The message inspector and the validator and all done in the service host but the endpoint is configured in the config. So basically I have wired up what was left off with the config. The service host factory just takes the first endpoint it finds and slaps on the requirement of the supporting token. This enables applying this factory onto any service type.

Basically the client pretty much remains the same. The only difference here is that the I have retrieved the Name claim from the default claim set and returned it to the user just to show that this is indeed passed as a claim and not as a paramter :)