Seattle Japanese Garden

A Really nice place to visit in Seattle. It took us a while to make this trip but we finally did. Hoping to see how this would look during fall. 


Kiyoshi Inoshita, one of the garden’s initial designers, describes his design intent:

The flow of water, which originated at the high mountain ranges, transforms itself as
it continues its way through the landscape; first it turns into a waterfall, then into a
stream, washing the bank by a tea hut, and finally becomes a lake. At the lakeshore
are a variety of features such as a rock promontory, an inlet, and steep slopes,
through which water continues its way, until it reaches a village (an image of the
village symbolically represented by a cherry grove, iris paddies, and a moon viewing
hill). At the village, there appears an island connected to the shore by two different
bridges. At the end of the lake is a stone paved boat launch, which symbolically
represent a fishing village. There, the water disappears from one’s sight, leaving the
expectation that it will be joining the greater ocean.