Dim Light and life alike

Your at a crossing. When you think twice you believe that you should look left and right before you begin to cross.
How many times have you thought if getting to the otherside is your objective? Have you thought if you have to get on the otherside at all? Did you even wonder, that the road you think is right, is only so because you have made yourself believe that it is?

I am at a crossing, a crossing between life and death. I do not believe that the death that you believe holds value to me. I have a different series and understanding of thoughts and feeling towards it. The mind is what is most alive and can die, not the body. The body mearly is your means to prove you are alive. You mind and soul is what lives and dies.

Killing someone physically is only a human act. But killing someone mentally is a devils act. He has to be clever and evil enough to realize that the a body’s death is only an animal act.

This is not about death or life. Its about the purpose of existence. The purpose that every being wants to live for and die for. You would drive your whole life to achieve that purpose and humanity has various versions to define every individuals purpose in a collective term. Come to think of it, individual purpose cannot be defined as its is as unique as the individual and I will not mock myself by putting together words that try to do that.

I know people who change their purpose every week or 2 and I know people who dont have a purpose. But what facinated me is the junction. When a person who believes he has lived all his life with a purpose and comes to the point where he see’s that his whole purpose was a carefully constructed play by his own alterego. He begins to understand he is own enmy. To defeat the enemy would be to defeat himself.

How do you escape from this plot ? How can you go on because you have come to the junction that I explained before. To cross is the objective cause you believe it to be. I will fall and only I can catch myself. My soul is for sale at a price only I can afford. I sell my mind to myself and as I do this I have reduced the value I hold for myself. I realized to know is the biggest curse. The unaware and the mindless find happiness in the smallest and most simple things like money and fame.
Why do I know? why do I not want these things cause I know that those are much more easily acheivable than the gold that I look for.

A life more simple and less complicated than I choose to make.
I can only see a dim light and life alike.