Inspiron 9300


I dont know what I can say about this little baby.

There are too many good points that I would like to layout.
But i found that enough places cover all this and you can get your reviews at CNET /notebookreviews etc.

Now the major reasons for a purchaes like this is that I was looking for a system for sole development and desktop replacement.

The only fault i could find was that I wasnt happy with the cd writing software from the instant I used it.
The LCD is quite a mind blower, trust me if your looking for a 17” baby, this is the one you should look at fist.
Besides mine isnt even th truelite one. Im not sure if i got the trademark for dell correct.

There is nothing more you could ask for.
Basically i took a PM 2.0GHz/1GB Ram/256 GeForce/CDrw

My friend sujith is totally responsible to getting this baby for me. He first pushed me to the XPS Gen2 but then the coupons ran out so i started harping on this one.

This surely a good. Deal . Now since i was not looking for major portability its perfect. The screen is rather huge and obviously no one would mind getting used to that. :)

I havent tried any major games but all the bench marks are already available for this.
BTW vista is going on this one hopefully this weekend.