Hope still lives

I got a comment saying that the stuff I write about does not “FIT” me. Well just for curiosity sake what do you think will “FIT” me.
Anyway this post it not about me but about life and Hope. Its about a friend I have and a friend I believe was necessary for me. I know that there is good and there is hope. But proof is hard to find. We know different quotes about hardwork and hope and consistent focus. But there are few gems like this guy who prove these right.
When Dax (aka Rohit Rathish aka pottan) got through his first attempt in the Civil services he was diasspointed as he did not get the IFS as he had dreamt all his life. This year he finally showed up with a mind blowing 45th Rank in his exams assuring him his choice. The point is that this guy has been preparing for this since the time he ever knew he wanted to be something. This is something that many poeple die to achieve, not the fact that you reach your goal but the fact that you know exactly where you want to be. You will never bend down in front of anyone for figuring who you are and where you want to be.

This is the most important story that I would love to tell any one. A story that is not mine. Its Rohit’s story and many people would look upto him and still wonder how does one do it. The people you can look upto the people who give you reason and hope. The point is you know you will do it and it shall be done. BIG FISH