Communication is the key

Silence is golden. The only reason i am posting this entry is to restate my belief in this line. You can say so many things but what you have said is not owned by you. You dont talk for your pleasure as it the words are just noises and the meaning is left totally for the intepretation of the others.

Casual talk is evil. The way words can be twisted has no limits. That is what one would say. But the point is what you say has to always go through the channel stack of processing. The stuff you say is never important. The context of your listener is important. You might mean good for all you know but if the listener does not think so then what you say is never what you mean.

A simple statement like “I dont care” has many implications. Fistly it could be considered to be as I dont care about the outcome as long as alls well that ends well. Another way to look at it – I dont care enough to bother about how things are done as long as you get it done. How about the fact that it can be looked at as – I trust you enough to do the things correctly that I dont care what you do it.

But trust me – this statement has gotten me into enough trouble cause to be honest its can and will only be intepreted as “I COULDN’T CARE LESS”.