What do you stand for?

I dont know why i am a sore looser. If necessary I know I am the kind of person who can take care of you for a long time.
I don’t realize how people react and I have always failed to see the sense and reason as to how people take out anger.

I know I am a weird one. I keep myself aloof from everyone when I am angry with someone. This is not how people express it. They have different ways of doing it. I have seen people wallow in self pity when they are angry. I have seen people turn their faces from people who they are angry with. I know people who bitch about people when they are angry. I have seen people who shout at people when they are angry.

I accept all forms of representation are different signs of letting the heat out. But when you are the target for someone’s anger how much will you take it. I really respect people who are brave enough to face it cause they are the reason for it. I on the other hand have been the coward who cant stand upto it. I realize that I have made a mistake but yet am not ready to take it for some reason I yet have to come to terms with. Because of this I fail to make up properly after a fight and this is always been my drawback in life.

I have had issues before where I have not stepped down. I apologize. I my eyes the apology is given only when you mean it and it is in all respects a sign that I have acknowledged my mistake. But when people demand your apology in a way they require it, it has thrown me off and I have tried sometime but usually failed. I dont know if they realize I have tried.

Anyway my whole point is I break when people break me. They dont realize it but it bruises m bad and especially when the person is close.
I think this is an advice I am giving myself, if the person wants to let if off understand that everyone is not like you.
But then again i think that shouldnt the other person also know that you might not be able to take it.

After all this i realize that I am always wrong.

Hope i dont pay too much for not standing up to things in life.