Rain in the Window

Have you ever wondered why the water falls the way it falls. When it rains dont you love the way it drips on the window. She makes you realize how graceful nature can be.

You look outside and its all so green. It was once green like this and the the sun came back. You feel that the rain is nice. But barely do you realize that the sun is what makes the rain possible.

The sun is harsh and not so nice. But you have to endure it. If you dont you never realize why is she is so beatiful. I know i would miss her. But then there is this feeling if you have seen beautiful people. You wait and some of the animals die and some survive. I hope im the one that survives. But then again the rain has to decide to fall on my land.

Beatiful people shows how much the land misses the rain. I wish i could show her that.