Blue Badged

I wanted to basically post about how it is to work for Microsoft, but the people here are so amazing that you forget it’s work. Creativity and problem solving skills are a some of the key values that hold great importance here.  I have barely been here for 3 weeks now and I have realized that it’s an ocean of amazing people. You come to terms with the fact that it’s not what is in the book that’s important but why did it come there in the first place.  I finally got some time at the campus as the “Ready to Rock” event for launch of 2005 suite of products were going on. I was just strolling around the campus and watching people play tennis and volleyball and took a few snaps of the buildings where we are expected to move into soon. In the mean time I’ve been digging into a bit of managed debugging. For many guys who want to kick off with 2.0 and playing around with the debugger try to dive into Mdbg. Check out the Mike Stalls post on Summary of the role of MDbg and Cordbg