That is the title I actually wanted to give this post. However as this was actually requested in a way by my wife I think this new exercise might not be such a bad idea after all. Recently I’ve started trying to give people a walk in my head with the simple solution to things as per my perspective of how problems should be solved. Basically it is the refusal of accepting standard conventions that brings these thoughts out. I it not that I try to come up with these solutions but rather basic frustrations in systems that gets me into thoughts like these. Couple of simple things like Kevlar tires and the smart shoe devices etc were things that I recently discussed about.

The one thing I realized that I have gotten better at was to get someone to walk along with me in my lane of thought that showed my solution was actually a practical one, basically building a convincing argument. It usually borders science fiction but the only reality check is that the physics usually exists.  There are ideas in the world at the level of space odysseys but those are definitely for the more seasoned thinkers. I believe mine are simpler ones and hopefully slightly more practical. I calls these “Futures” on the concept that if any of these actually do happen then it is one of those possible set of parallel universes that have come into existence at that point in time the idea is realized in physical form.

The best way to start is to actually unshackle your brain from current forms of solutions but not from science and reality.