Today I paid the deposit for our 2012 X5 35i Premium. We knew the 525 was getting old and also with the dog these days, it was getting harder to go out with him in the sedan. We initially considered the Q5 but being a BMW owner its hard to not want The Ultimate Driving Machine. Now we have to wait for about 8 weeks to get this beauty.

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Aditi took Spirit today for his 11 week vaccination and the poor guy had a pretty bad reaction and now he’s at the Kirkland Animal Hospital for a Benadryl shot. 

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Goodness in man

Rarely do we get a chance to see this side of man. The busy and bustling life with degrading morals is what we feel man has fallen to. However there is hope and this is fully not the case since yesterday we left behind a couple of bags in a Subway with some newly purchased items and upon calling back even after two days they were still there. Why?