It means nothing

Alcohol is probably the greatest invention of mankind. The pedestrian brain can soar to a place of dazzling lights…..given the right amount…well that or it can take you down to some cellar…where your deepest regrets lie awake…..and spiral you into frenzies of reflection….given the right amount…..circumstance is key.I drink only once a week these days. I rarely let go. Not without reason.First of all.there is this job. Now don’t get me wrong…this job is pretty butch. In the words of a more seasoned man I chatted with on a nameless, purposeless occasion…this job has the best of both worlds…the public sector….and its not-so-distant private relative. Well, coming from 30 years of being in this crafty business….it means something. But he also told me of other more erudite interests which I am sure kept him going. And for which I have little inclination or the talent for. Mostly talent. It is bloody easy to cover up one’s insecurities, lack of genuine knowledge…the garb and the nonsense come easy. Like my favorite housefly on shit.Then there is boredom. Boredom that welcomes you one its carousel. And once on that garish horse….you begin to enjoy those moments of absolute blank. She takes you down in the sweetest, most loving of bachata moves…kisses you in your happy hours by the bottle. Boredom is powerful…very underrated. Boredom should be a goddess in any self-respecting religion. She can kill that depressive maniac…that unsuspecting professional. She cannot kill you however. You are a beast.thats all.

- By Rohit

Sleepless in Seattle

There are those days or nights when you are just so damn tired but then again it’s that one night that your little one decides to enjoy the night. At the same time my iPhone wordpress app refuses to work in landscape mode forcing me to type with the damn portrait keyboard. Anyway Eli I try humming to him but that doesn’t seem to be working and Adi is also trying her best to get him to sleep but nothing seems to be working as of now. Let’s hope we get a couple of hours of shut eye soon.