Seattle Japanese Garden

A Really nice place to visit in Seattle. It took us a while to make this trip but we finally did. Hoping to see how this would look during fall. 


Kiyoshi Inoshita, one of the garden’s initial designers, describes his design intent:

The flow of water, which originated at the high mountain ranges, transforms itself as
it continues its way through the landscape; first it turns into a waterfall, then into a
stream, washing the bank by a tea hut, and finally becomes a lake. At the lakeshore
are a variety of features such as a rock promontory, an inlet, and steep slopes,
through which water continues its way, until it reaches a village (an image of the
village symbolically represented by a cherry grove, iris paddies, and a moon viewing
hill). At the village, there appears an island connected to the shore by two different
bridges. At the end of the lake is a stone paved boat launch, which symbolically
represent a fishing village. There, the water disappears from one’s sight, leaving the
expectation that it will be joining the greater ocean.





Eli’s Rover Arrives

Aditi almost jumped out of the chair when she heard the UPS truck in the evening. We saw the status was “out for delivery” since morning but had to wait for the whole day before the delivery guy showed up.There aren’t any pictures of us assembling it or trying to figure out how to collapse it and get it all the clicks in the right place. Even though it was easy to put it up we didn’t want to risk it by not looking at the manual.


Part 1 – The Mars Rover

Molly Moon’s on Capitol Hill

Don’t miss this place if you are in Seattle. The flavors are so damn unique. We tried the Lavender Honey and also the Maple Walnut. You can even see them making their own waffle cones right at the counter.  We totally agreed with Sam when he said – “I can see this becoming a habit!”


Be ready for a good long wait in queue. But don’t worry its surely worth it.