Sahib Sindh Sultan

We were thinking of hitting some conventional restaurant,like TGIF for dinner. But we soon realized that Mom would find it quite hard to get something she could enjoy at a place like that and so wanted to try something a bit more Indian. So during the day we were at Forum Mall and spotted a pretty exclusive looking entrance to a restaurant and were curious. Aditi told me that this was a part of BJN group so we decided to try it out. We were a bit worried but anything thought of giving it a try. Fortunately we weren’t disappointed at all.

The place had an amazing ambience and the food was just excellent. We tried the lamb Raan which I think is a must try for any non-vegetarian. The place is done pretty much like an old train station with all the sign boards and even the rail sleepers. Check here for more reviews.


Barbecue at Wakhlaytar

This was the best barbecue I’ve had with whiskey marinated Lamb and a freshly caught fish from the river. We didn’t manage to catch anything ourselves besides stones so we got some professionals to help with the fishing. Utsu managed to take over as the butcher this time.


I also tried Tongba (, millet based alcoholic beverage, for the first time. It’s drunk warm and refilled with warm water to make a heterogeneous millet mixture. It’s one hell of a nice drink and a sweet high. We didn’t manage to get the actual bamboo container in which it is actually supposed to be had, so managed with something that we managed to find around Kaka’s farm house. The straw has a special valve, kind of perforated, which filters the millet out. We got one from the nice villagers around there.


Next day we went over to Salami and this was the view of the farm house we stayed last night. I thought the fan was running the whole night and turns out it was actually the sound from the river.