Why am I an Indian?

Because, when we want Shared accommodations we would like our partner to be an Indian.. Because we have a natural geographical boundary, from Himalayas to the Indian ocean.. Because, the company which brought this land mass into a single administrative unit named itself as East India company and named it India.. Because, the organization that sparked off the Nationalistic movement in India was named Indian national Congress.. Because, all of us believe in our Karma and all of us are addicted to spicy food.. Because, by looking at an Indian, I can say that he is an Indian even though I cannot know for sure from which region in India he is from.. Because, all of us want to take credit of a Civilization found a couple of thousand years ago.. Because, the name India still excites us and reminds us that we are a Nation of 1 billion people..


–attributed to Jitesh Ramanathu


He is gone but he’s not forgotten

Reflections And shadows are impressions you carry. Their are like parasites which never leave us. The irony of this is that you are never free. Your bound by these philosophies and these rules of nature. What happens when you die? Does your shadow and your relfection live on ? Have you every wondered if your shadow wanted to be free. Have you ever thought what your refleciton feels about your shadow. The color of the shadow is no reason to judge. The brightness of the reflection can be as decieving. If we had an abstract world where we had these as three and not as one .. which one would you choose. If we would let go of our selves would you want to hold on to these. I feel like the day has come for my reflection and my shadow is being cast away.