Finally Zermatt’s here

Its been a long wait. After working with customers for getting out their token service and doing all the claim based black magic, finally we have a framework. Its not a bubble gum and match stick situation more and its a full framework.

If you want to build applications and solve your federation problems which i have had a lot of previous posts on then you really want to take a look at this. Vittorio is put up quite a cool set of links and a very neat overview which I don’t want to cut paste here.

The one thing i have seen is the ease of integrating with Zermatt. Those of you who want to just go to the gory details head out to Keith’s post-  or white paper directly on connect-

I still remember working with [Vittorio] and [Martin] in getting up the STS during the indigo beta days .. nice to see this out which really makes it easy to get your security around your solution. I would like to emphasize on the fact that claim’s based approach is a security solution and not just an approach. The spec is so rich if you have the time to digest it cause it breaks down complex problems of multi-hop scenario and delegation really simple. Transformations are another area which I am interested in and would see how Zermat solves this problems.

Happy spelunking.