But I am no gundygut

Life has many turnings and I have wondered why. Last week my wife and I were out at Yasin’s place. For a long time I thought I never ate too much but then again I realized that I could. The biriyani was Bombay style and the Alphonso was good :)

The dinner was the occasion but my mind was somewhere else. Like dax said I am becoming too self centered. Then again is it worth the life you are living. Your priorities change. But then again you succumb to reality. Reflections on water seem clearer than the image itself. You think you know but then life teaches you otherwise. You feel that you have a way. But the way it only as good as thin ice.
I am here due to some reasons. And I will continue to be here due to those same reasons, for otherwise the existence is a fallacy.
“Never forget where you are coming from.” This song has a big meaning and that I will carry on my shoulders for a long time. I will carry it on for generations to come. For life and death and for immortality of time.
I want to leave this message, which no mind can conceive. I leave it for open interpretation so that only I can read what it means. This is what I hope to be saying on my death bed and I hope I say only this much.