IPSec with WCF

We would expect this to be a simple transport level security scenario.Think again. I had this question answered from Shy on this at techready.

The point is that IPSec removes any trace of security and so by looking at the packet WCF cannot say if it is secured or not. Hence if you had a operation contract that required some kind of protection level and you expected this requirement to be satisfied by IPSec then think again. If you plan to use IPSec as a deployment option and then you will have to remove this attribute decoration on the operation cause the underlying transport cannot claim that its secure.

Another work around would be to use a custom transport that claims it is secure and you can turn on IPSec on that. This would enable the usage of ProtectionLevel on an operation but WCF cannot gurantee the security as it takes the custom transport claim unless ofcourse you can somehow query and figure out if IPSec is enabled. This is left as an excercise.


Have you ever felt like you aren’t a part of the universe? Well its a hard feeling to have. But when everyone you value as dear just fails the see the bigger picture and you are ashamed of your acts then the only shelter is yourself.

I have realized that the only person you can rely is on yourself. When I was thrown out of the “Garden of Eden” as someone put it. I was my own pillar. Even now when things are just falling apart I have realized that life is a burden and its yours to live.

I had quite a revalation when someone told me i see only black and while. I dont see the colors in between. For me 10 is 2 and i have no emotional quotient when making decisions. This rational as many people put it is my solitude from confronting emotional ambiguity. Death is not something I dont fear. But emotional ambiguity can kill me totallly cause i dont know how to confront it. Give me a life and death problem i can see through it and cut through it like a diamond. But give me an emotional wall and I ram into it head on.

I have given up trying to solve anything. Everyone will fall into place. I can only be blamed for ignorance and escaping. I dont care on being blamed on this cause I have done worse. I have managed to hurt the people that matter to me the most so “I” could only be the last one that I care about right now. So as of now i dont have an ego to bother about my own esteem or attitude.

Funny though, I have known to be really calm but I was accused of wanting to blow in the meeting. I was accused of being on the edge. I was accused of being totally frustrated with work. Funny though that I have never been able confront emotional ambiguity. I believe i lack this skill. I am not regreting that I lack this skill, I just feel like I dont fit society. I cant expect everyone to see through my eyes and I cant see through theirs. My rational and reason defeats me. My vision is not color.

When people see light they see hope I am told. For me its just light and nothing more.
I hope i can hope to see what they see. I hope I dont end up as black and white. I hope that no one ever has a son as I. I hope to tell everyone never to love a person as I. I am a empty soul.
I am what I am. I choose to be alone as I dont have what society takes. I dont have what love takes. I dont have what a son takes.
I wish it would just end.

Rambling with the guys at BizTalk-WCF Adapter

I met up today with Sarathy who was with the BizTalk WCF adapter team. The interesting thing was the comfort level that WCF gave for Service orientation. I was discussing about the various scenarios we face with customers and how WCF was something that was missing for a long time. I was quite new to Biztalk and so he gave me a walkthrough of the adapter. I met a few of the team members and realized the amount of enthusiasm that they had in churning this out.

Fundamentally WCF has bought that sense of freeing yourself from the protocol and the security and well its time to get your SO blahs up and running and stop whining about security cause right now WCF just delivers.



Can you call private members from a different class?

Standing by OO principles we would have to say “Private memebers are only visible to to the class in which it is defined”

This is the MSDN Defintion for the C# private keyword
“The private keyword is a member access modifier. Private access is the least permissive access level. Private members are accessible only within the body of the class or the struct in which they are declared.

Nested types in the same body can also access those private members.

It is a compile-time error to reference a private member outside the class or the struct in which it is declared.”

The whole idea of Private access modifier being only a language construct and not an runtime principle is quite interesting.It brings up one of the core concepts of accessmodifiers only down to the degree of language compilation and enforcing them during runtime still takes a back seat.

The whole fundamental of .NET is the CLR and if we can me an excution of a private method at runtime, would this defeat the the purpose of making something private? To lay it out, this is what I am trying to ask.


using System;

using System.Reflection;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Text;


public class A


    private static void YouCantCallMe()


        Console.WriteLine(“I got called.”);




class Program


    static void Main(string[] args)


        Type t = typeof(A);

        t.InvokeMember(“YouCantCallMe”, BindingFlags.InvokeMethod |

                                BindingFlags.Static | BindingFlags.NonPublic, null, null, null);




The runtime with the help of reflection helps you get around one of the principles of OO which prohibits visibility of private memebers outside the current body. Personally i find it pretty cool that i can do stuff like this with reflection.
Any thoughts on this ?

Parts of WSDL

I just wanted to list out the basic parts of a WSDL and what they map to when you use/generate metadata.


 WCF Config/Code

WSDL service 
            Groups of ports


WSDL port

            Address Binding,PortType


WSDL portTypes

             Group of operations


WSDL Bindings 

            Group of protocols