The Interview

I’ve been wating to post about this for a long time but I guess I waited enough.
Ok first things first. I’ll be joining Microsoft mostly by Jan 16th.

I dont know if a blog entry or an article by itself will do justice to their interview system. But just for the record I wanted to put down the fact that, it was truely the toughest interview I had ever been to. In short it had about 7 rounds and 5 technical. There is no degree in which I can explain or narrate the process cause it was all so much in detail and totally brought out a person in me that I finally was happy about. Initially it totally burst my bubble as to who and what I was, but by the end of it I felt like I was on top of the world.

I was thinking over and over again and Aditi constantly kept assuring me. Well there were points when you feel all is lost. She gave me the shoulder I was looking for and My Dad and Mom obviously stood all the way and at the end I realized that the people around me were more happier than I was.

I didnt know what I was scared about cause my mind was in a state of transition. I realized my dream had materialized and I was at the crossroads of my life. Only after thinking to myself and double questioning “What else ?” did i get the answer. “Its only the begining.”

Hoping for a new begining but I always wonder whether the cost I pay is worth it. Is what I leave better than what I will have or become ? This is a constant fear that roams in my head and haunts me.

Is the tomorrow I choose better than the tomorrow I have.
Are the dreams that materialize the dreams that will make me happy.
Is my current better than the future I would not permit myself to have.
There is only one thing I realize. I would learn and thats the only way I shall know.

Hope for a better future and let my past be my soul.

DSC-T5 Cybershot

I was really happy i picked up this little 5.1 MP sony. I love the feature where i can connect it to the TV and view my pictures. The set of cables is quite a good add on. The only problem I have is with the memory stick format of sony but besides that its awesome buy.


Crystal was fortunately spleeping and as usual managed to look cute for the camera


I love technology and I do not believe its limited to computers only.

Now I have attempted to introduce my team to Community Server, a wonderful piece of community software. I do not yet know if they are interested. Are they just silent observers ? Has the trend to participate and share knowledge died ?

There are many questions I somehow don’t have answers for. But there are some souls who do know the value of sharing and somehow maybe cause things like blogging have already been a part of them or cause they know its a chance to start in these so called communities. There are also others who want to test the waters.

I believe both are good but what isn’t good for a group is the silent observers. Its said that wise men observe but is it cause these people are wiser or are they just lazy that they stay silent ?Sometimes I begin to feel my efforts are futile but then again I have never given up cause I believe over and over again, quitters never win.

I know tomorrow is a good day and I’ll find my peace.
All I can do now is hope. I believe they will see participation is not an effort. Participation is a habit. Its not time consuming, its a way of living.

Its got to come within but for it to come from within you should try to let it.
I know I’ll have my peace.
I know there will be a better day. :)

The Internet

I just spoke to Rohit, he was leaving for training to Nagpur. Again this is life, your friends move on. I felt a little sad inside. I know he was never physically in bangalore but even then its like he’s moving away.

He’s gotten hold of his dream. He’s moved on. The whole purpose was to put down one note of his character of never mailing but always keeping in touch through phone. I used to beg him to mail but my efforts were futile. He had an argument which blew me away and this is what he had to say.

“The Internet is only the World Wide Web, its not the world.”

I wished sometimes I had heard this before. I wished I knew.