Walk on water

I wonder how many people in the world live on the edge.
The point sometimes its what do you define as the edge. If you cross it do you die?

Does you mind have an edge? Do you push it ? Sometimes you feel like the physical edge has consequences that may be able to heal in time.
But your mental edge is sometimes not repairable cause the effects are burnt into you mind. You can if you wish to forget . But then again the choice is yous.

Do you wish to go over it again? Do you want to make a stupid mistake?
You value of yourself mind degrade cause you have lost it. Your mental stability is the only thing that keeps you going.

The moment you loose it its over.
Now the choice is yours. Do you want to risk it again?

Take care.

Drops of heaven


She came into our lives without a single sound. I was apprehensive cause i didn’t know if we had the capacity to take care of her.

I was quite upset about the fact that we had to give up Vinnie cause we didnt have space for her. Now that things have changed a bit, I felt like its time I stopped regretting and I decided to Pick her up.

Crystal came as a totall surprise to me and my family.
Aditi was equally surprised and she said you have got an angel and not pet.
I guess its true to an extent.
You realize that there are good things in this world after all and I hope I can sleep like that someday.