Spangled Thoughts

Jijo’s wedding was supposed to be the most important day of his life, as far as he could see it and I for one wanted to be a part and present when he tied the knot.
Traffic in Bangalore as anyone knows is not a pleasant experience and so driving through all that and catching a bus to go to cochin was rather a pain but I was hoping it would be worth it. Then again I got into the wrong bus. Now this bus was wrong only upto a certain point and later on next morning this would have seemed a better option.

Anyway I found the right bus I was to take and now as I think of it, I believe this was the right bus cause there could exist another parallel universe but my belief is quite sane and I opt for the only the one my mind is a part of and body belongs to. Unless ofcourse its all over. I was sleeping as far as I can recollect the bus stopped for snacks somewhere and I knew I was going to have to wait for another stop and was guessing the next stop was cochin.

Now we moved on and the semi sleeper coach pushed itself and once the road was clear the driver pushed the pedal all the way down and I went to sleep wanting only to get up in EKM( aka cochin for all these buggers who still have doubts as the difference of cochin and ernakulam and kochi)

Well mind was still awake and it heard something. The back window got smashed, I was at seat number 15 so somewhere in the middle of the bus. That another thing as to why I wonder my seat was there and now anywhere else on that bus. The window smashed and the glass was flying. The funny thing is I held out and grabbed my passenger sitting next to me thinking it was his window so that I could drag him away. Well the next moment was another long moment. I felt the ground was falling under me. Rather I was not with my seat, I also realized something or someone flew past me. This I think was either a bag or a person. But I believe it was a person cause I realized that the bags were all in place at before the bus landed.This was when I realized the bus was off the road. Well the damn thing landed in a pit as I discovered later and then again another moment where I got thrown off my seat. This was the whole cause of my associated injury cause I believe when the bus toppled over I fell on my back on some ledge or something hard that almost broke my back.

But by gods grace escaped without a single major fracture and also kept me mentally sane. I got up screaming cause my back was seriously out of condition and I was not able to breath. I tried to get onto the seat, It was turned over and tried to open up the window so that I could push myself out. But then suddenly someone broke the glass at the back of the bus and the people slowly got out. I was worried cause I could not jump cause my back would hurt but somehow got the courage to push myself out.

It was dark outside. It was raining and we were all stranded. Then only did we realize how much off the road did we come. Cause were all looking up and we saw vehicles pass by and some stop. There were police by the time I got out of the bus. So either I lost consciousness, or they were on duty close by.
This is something I’m never going to find out. I climbed up and caught a policeman’s hand and got onto the road.

Again not knowing what to do. I waited for a moment and then thought. I should get to a safe place. I didn’t know if the hospital was a safe place cause I didn’t know where I was. Then I saw a couple standing and the man was quite OK. They waved their hand out onto the road and there was a volvo on the way to cochin. I found out the bus was to cochin only later. But my guess was that cause it was headed the same direction our bus was lying in the pit below. I got onto it and somehow managed to get a seat after a few stops. The pain was un bearable and managed some pain killers from the passengers on board. I managed to call my friend on a mobile a person called Shaji had lent me. He was kind enough to call in the number I left on the phone the next day. Juban and his father picked me up from the station. I realized how important it is for you to have genuine friends and how life is a balance of good deeds and bad. How you can depend on people and how ever you try you cant live alone.

Life was good, I was safe and didn’t even have a single fracture. Just a few bruises here and there and a hurt mind. I was scared cause I didn’t know if I would be this lucky next time. I realized that these are all a part of life and it can happen to anyone. I realized that that person up there must like me. These kinda experiences make you the person you are.I realized I could have panicked and just stayed there. Instead I came to a place where I knew I would get help.
I could have done something stupid. But was OK.

I know its another day. But there is a parallel universe where i’m suffering. There is a place where I’m dead. But if you think again. This was written by the one that came out alive and lucky, :)

Inspiron 9300


I dont know what I can say about this little baby.

There are too many good points that I would like to layout.
But i found that enough places cover all this and you can get your reviews at CNET /notebookreviews etc.

Now the major reasons for a purchaes like this is that I was looking for a system for sole development and desktop replacement.

The only fault i could find was that I wasnt happy with the cd writing software from the instant I used it.
The LCD is quite a mind blower, trust me if your looking for a 17” baby, this is the one you should look at fist.
Besides mine isnt even th truelite one. Im not sure if i got the trademark for dell correct.

There is nothing more you could ask for.
Basically i took a PM 2.0GHz/1GB Ram/256 GeForce/CDrw

My friend sujith is totally responsible to getting this baby for me. He first pushed me to the XPS Gen2 but then the coupons ran out so i started harping on this one.

This surely a good. Deal . Now since i was not looking for major portability its perfect. The screen is rather huge and obviously no one would mind getting used to that. :)

I havent tried any major games but all the bench marks are already available for this.
BTW vista is going on this one hopefully this weekend.

Prelude to the begining

How many of you reading this has lost your sanity in a moment where you needed intense reasoning. If you came face to face with death would you toil with it, try to cheat it of let is just take you.

You wonder for a moment and just wonder again is it worth it. Is this life of yours yours and who rules it.
If God gave you this life what is it for.

Your parents raise you and give you apart of everything they have. Emotionally and physically might be money or something tangible but what counts most is the years that have spent with you making you the person you are.

Rarely do we ever look back and think of this as pleasures. The ones who do rarely get the satisfaction and hope their judgement lies in a place where they have never been.

You crave for joy and happiness. You feel lost in loneliness. You wished the world never begun or ended. You wonder why God has his rules and your rules are different from his. Why does your life have to be so hard to satisfy him.
The gates are closed and the men have left. You have lost your mother and the courage to defend your sanity.

You dont know if you have it in you to continue.
You dont know if there is a way. Is the way right.
I something understand how the cattle work so hard. They become numb to becoming tired. They prefer to forget the need to rest. The suffering just becomes a state of mind where to rest is joy. If you dont rest then you just stay there.
You feel like the cattle. You feel like you just drag your self only to realize that the suffering of a cattle is physical but your mind is feeling the same way.

You have dreams and wishes, but you render yourself the pot where people just pour in. You take what ever you can and there somes a time when you just give way.
Your not a pretty jar, or a beatiful glass.Your not an elegant rich vase.
your just a plain pot .. and just a clay pot that has was made in the heat.

The funny thing is others claim to be the pot you are or made of better and harder clay. But then again you have to remind them that you were hand made. God makes every person and thats what gives the term individual its meaning.

Life is not a mind game and its not a a toy. You dont play with people. You dont play with love. You dont play with sorrow. If you start playing you never know when you become the pawn that the chess master slays.

You live and you feel alive.
But at this moment i dont feel sorrow. I dont feel happiness. If there is a state when you just go on and thats the state that hold me.
I dont know why i let my self get effected. But then again that the sadness of life.
Your the pot and your hand made and you break someday.
Someday you will break.
Someday you will break.
hope that day is not today.