New job and New Place. I know – AGAIN !!!!

Things were moving on pretty great. Manhattan Associates was a good place to work. Things have been moving at a warp speed in the speed in the past few days. Eb and Sam were 2 impressive guys who just makes you feel like you wanna just be here and work better.

Otherwise life was in a rut. Had to handle things like it was a Pattankot train collision. But well thats how life is.

Anyway I was looking out for myself. Realized I hurt a goat on my ride back home but I was only emotionally hurt cause i felt bad about it and fortunately nothing happened to the poor creature.

IT has been a good provided you get to explore, otherwise its a drag where you pretty much just translate design to code. Here i guess things were a little different and you have a flexibilty to learn and impose yourself, ofcourse you would have to prove your right.

Lets see how things go in the days ahead.

“If your not fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.” Vince Lombardi.